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Innovant Features

It has always been a great time to innove. But there was never a better time to innove. With all the opportunities of today's world, it is time to use cutting edge technology as well!


WiSSL giveaways is totally free of charge for basic use, forever. Several companies? Not a problem for us.


Manage your members efficiently, keep track of info you select, and use to send mails, bills, etc.

Easy settings

Your website is only two clicks away! And when it is up, it is that well-known WordPress interface.

Top level domain

Free hosting and processing along with a personal domain, and a strong HTTPS website!

User Friendly

Everyone knows WordPress. 25% of all the websites in the world use it, keep your users accustomated.

Fast Support

We are always there to support our customers. As a customer, you will also get regular updates for free.

What will I get?

Using this form, you can create a free WordPress blog linked to your WiSSL account. For your ease, it comes preinstalled with the WiSSL plugin, as well as a revised version of the s2Member plugin. With these two, you will be able to manage your users, but let them manage their accounts with WiSSL, levaraging you from any disturbance that may arise from maintaining yourself the user's data. You will be able to sell one time products, or reccuring payments, to grant access to portions of your site, making this Wordpress perfect for managing a small organization list of members.

If you want even more member management facilities, you can chose to install Zenbership rather than WordPress. Zenbership is a leading tool to manage members in batch, create new ones, get business reports; it also allows to send email campaigns, manage events, bill once or recurring.

You will be able to reach your website at https://[your_WiSSL_username].wissl.org, and you will be able to log in as admin using this very same WiSSL account. You can also use this form to reset your free WP to a clean state if you've messed up with it more than you should have.

If you like our tool, don't hesitate to spread the word around! You can also get help at wissl.org. The first thing you should do upon activation of your site is log in as admin, and set everything up for the Paypal API and your WiSSL password. You can also review your other WiSSL settings if you want to change them.


If you want to know more, don't hesitate to have a look at our terms and conditions. To know more about the technology that is behind, review the guidelines.

What about WiSSL?

WiSSL is a platform created at Envict whose goal is to allow anyone to store and share personal data in a private and secured way. The WiSSL server itself is unable to access the data you host on it because it is encrypted, only the people to who you share this information are able to. In the case of WiSSL giveaways, we will need some of your details to contact you in case of any problem, that is why you will have to share some basic information with us.

Terms and Conditions

You can here download the terms and conditions, which we will make a point in not changing often if ever, and warning beforehand.

What is behind?

With WiSSL giveaways, several sites run on the same physical machine. This is a must since it would far too much expensive for us to have one dedicated machine per website we host. However, though, these machine are really powerful, connected to the high speed backbone internet at 10GBps directly, have SSD disks and support RAID for backing up data. We believe this is more than enough for small to medium-sized companies that need to host a descriptive, e-commerce or member management website.


Want to discover a voting mechanism over the internet that is provably secure and hides voters' choices? Then check out our Helios over WiSSL implementation, where people can only get one vote thanks to the check of their eID.


Review here the setup process. Customizing your website is obviously up to you, but we try to make it as smple as possible for anyone. Should you need any help, don't hesitate to drop us a message!

Our Pricing Policy

We'd love the internet to be fully free of charge, but we also need to make our families live so we'll have to ask you a small contribution when you become the next Facebook.


For Clubs, Schools, SME, etc.

0 lifelong

  • Maximum Upload in MB 250
  • Unlimited Sites
  • WiSSL Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • Backup Service
  • One-day Customer Service

Direct Install


For Larger Companies

79 month

  • Maximum Upload in MB 5000
  • Unlimited Sites
  • WiSSL Protection
  • Cloud Storage
  • Backup Service
  • One-day Customer Service

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